How to avoid the dreaded teacher uniform by Reiko Foster SKU: 176367

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I have admired Reiko’s fashion sense for many years, and she understands how to push boundaries in all of the right ways. Her desire with this book is to help you create a workplace style philosophy that will make you feel confident and comfortable. 

- Kim Postell,  Naturally Fashionable, LLC

Do you struggle to make sense of your personal style and work environment because you think that it is a long process with complicated steps? I have found ways to work around office guidelines without compromising my individuality - and you can do it too. Do you think that having a fun, exciting and professional wardrobe is too much work in the mornings? Would you rather avoid the red-tape or the attention you will get from colleagues or students? Hey, do you believe that it is too costly to dress well? I don't blame you.

This e-book gives you the advice and reassurance you need to step up your teacher style with confidence. True to my education background, I've included checklists, questionnaires, case studies (or visual references) and an exit ticket that is near to my heart.

How to avoid the dreaded teacher uniform is only a $15 investment, but committing to yourself and your personal style, is priceless. 

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